The outermost layer of our skin is like a brick wall. This is known as our skin barrier. When strong & healthy, it prevents allergen and bacteria from penetrating into our skin. When broken, moisture evaporates from the skin easily, causing dryness. Also, allergens and bacteria can enter causing inflammation.

Ceramide Deficiency in AD Skin


Our skin cells are held together by natural lipids including Ceramides, Cholesterol and Free Fatty Acids with each constituting about 50%, 25% and 15% respectively.
Patients with eczema do not have enough ceramides and other lipids. Research has demonstrated that ceramide in the skin is reduced by 30-50% in Atopic Dermatitis. Like a brick wall with insufficient mortar, the skin barrier breaks down easily.

Ceramide is one of the most important lipids forming the skin barrier. The lack of it greatly compromises the skin barrier. When this happens in AD, it is like a brick wall with insufficient mortar resulting in a weak skin barrier that breaks down easily. Therefore, it is essential to correct this underlying pathology by replenishing ceramide adequately.

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