Ceradan cream has worked wonder during my pregnancy,not only it moisturised my stretched bump but also relieved itching due to it.

My baby is 7mths old now,ceradan cream is the only cream I use on him since birth to keep his skin moisturized.



My son has always had very dry skin. And we have tried imported and local brands of lotions and creams to see which one will work. One will work today, but will not work anymore as time goes by.

One day, he felt severe itchiness perhaps because of dryness, and kept scratching until there were already blisters. They say its flare up of atopic dermatitis. Our pedia derma recommended Ceradan cream which at that time I found a bit expensive (which later on I realized it is cost-effective). As I have tried many other lotions before, I thought that I should give Ceradan a chance. And I never regret it. Ceradan is amazing. In just 2 days, I have seen a big improvement on my son’s skin. I did not have to wait for long.

And what’s also good with Ceradan is that it is safe to use on face. So, I also use it at bedtime as moisturizer.

I am glad and thankful to have known this what I call miracle cream.

Honejoy F. Crystal