About Chemical peel

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are naturally occurring carboxylic acids derived from fruit and milk sugars used for treatment of skin conditions.


  • Promotes softer, smoother skin, faded wrinkles, lightened spots and decreased blemishes
  • Acts on the epidermal and dermal levels
  • Stimulates the exfoliation of epidermal cells which results in the sloughing off dull, rough skin when applied to the skin
  • Promotes cellular renewal

The smallest of AHA molecules is Glycolic Acid. Due to its smaller molecular size, it is better penetrated and is believed to be more effective than other AHAs


Glycolic Acid Peel (GAP) is an effective treatment for all skin types, inducing rapid improvement and restores normal-looking skin. It is now widely used in a variety of strengths, ranging from 20% – 70%, depending on the skin condition being treated.

Most people can continue day to day activities as there is zero downtime. Make up can be applied a few hours after the procedure. When used with caution and according to the directions, GAP is generally safe.


  • An adjunctive therapy for acne, scarring, photo damage and hyper-pigmentation disorders
  • A non-surgical skin rejuvenation
  • A lunchtime procedure which takes about half an hour, almost zero downtime
  • Low cost
  • Almost immediate visible results